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Teal Tinted Glasses now on Pucknology!

Pucknology is proud to present an official partnership with the Teal Tinted Glasses Podcast! You will now find all future Teal Tinted Glasses Podcasts here on Pucknology.net on the web as well as iTunes and all your usual pod-catchers.  Pucknology is driven to provide you with the best Sharks coverage and content on the web, to meet these ends the Teal Tinted Glasses podcast is a great addition in achieving that goal.

About The Teal Tinted Glasses Podcast

The Teal Tinted Glasses podcast is young compared to some other Sharks podcasts with 27 episodes to their credit.  They aim to provide a family friendly show that is geared to the casual or beginner fan to the most hardcore puck head, Teal Tinted Glasses truly has something for everyone.  The cast consists of host Wendell McGowan and co-hosts Ian Reid and Rocket Backhander as well as the occasional guest. It is a weekly podcast that records Wednesday nights and usually is released to the public on Thursday.

It is important to note that outside of having a new location on the web, nothing will be changing with the Podcast.  The show is going to be the same as it always has been with complete autonomy within the Pucknology family.

Statement From Wendell McGowan: As the co-founder of the Teal Tinted Glasses podcast I am happy for the opportunity to continue to grow our audience while giving our listeners access to more Sharks content.  With our autonomy in tact we look forward to making this a seamless transition with the same podcast content you love in a new home.  I appreciate Pucknology for opening the door to us and look forward to continuing a strong mutually beneficial relationship of bringing fans the best Sharks content in one place.

Statement From Ian Reid: As the Director of Content for Pucknology and Co-founder/Co-host of Teal Tinted Glasses I could not be happier with this arrangement, from the Pucknology side there is another podcast that in my opinion complements After Dark and allows for a family friendly listening option. From the Teal Tinted Glasses side it allows our listeners that take the time to visit us on the web quick access to a great wealth of Sharks content, including the written work of the team.  The move to SoundCloud from Podomatic will also allow the podcast to be shared in more places and hopefully expand our listener ship to new heights.

Statement From Erik Kuhre: Teal Tinted Glasses is an amazing Sharks podcast and having them join our Pucknology community is a huge win. Our goal has always been to provide the best coverage to Sharks hockey. With TTG and Pucknology together, it will expand the ways we can get to our fellow Finatics along with giving you the coverage you deserve for our boys in teal.

About Ian Reid

Ian is the Director of Content for Pucknology. He is a lifelong Sharks fan based in Canada. In three short years Ian has come a long way starting from his own blogspot and going on to write for RSENReport.com, Last Word on Hockey before settling in at Pucknology. You can also find Ian's work as a contributor at FearTheFin.com. On the podcast side of things he was a co-host of the now defunct Teal Tinted Glasses podcast as well as a regular on Pucknology After Dark and host of the Pucknology Writers Room.

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