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Get Ready! Puckguy’s Goal Proposal

Ok I get it. People didn’t like Sixx AM. Yet the season ticket holders voted in favor of it. Well, part of the problem were the speakers inside the Shark Tank. Tough to hear the “HEY!” cues in the recently unfamiliar song. It was a very good goal song, if it was heard properly. Instead, the San Jose Sharks have heard the fans’ outcry and let us decide the next song that coincides with a home goal for our beloved Team Teal.

For a full breakdown, check out AJ Strong’s article on Pucknology.net HERE

There are some good choices. There are some ok choices. Then there are some horrible choices (Sharks Remix by LMFAO) that are getting noticed by all the wrong people (Kings fans and bloggers, Ducks fans, Yahoo! Puck Daddy, and Barstool Sports) the latter taking shots at myself in the process. (I feel so loved!)

That being said, I believe AJ and I originally thought of this idea during an episode of Pucknology After Dark. This song has some history to the San Jose Sharks. In fact, Team Teal made history with it. It is rhythmic, it has a beat that you can clap to, you can shout “YEAH!” to it. I present to you my proposal for the Sharks new goal song, 2 Unlimited’s “Get Ready for This”

Now why does this work? Let me break it down for you.

1. It is familiar with many Sharks fans. Team Teal originally used this song when they skated through the Shark Head when the Sharks moved into San Jose Arena back in 1993. This video was when the Sharks skated onto the ice for their first home playoff game.

2. Easy to get into for new fans or those unfamiliar to the tune. Again, it has a fast beat that you can get into, you have that chant of “YEAH!” that can bring unity to the crowd.

3. There is history to this song and the Sharks. The team was one of the first, if not, THE first to use the song as an entry music for a sports team. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Get_Ready_for_This

4. Especially with it being the 25th season of Sharks hockey, this song celebrates the positives of the past, while cheering the success of the current squad in Deep Pacific Teal.

So how do you vote for it? Simple. Go to: http://sharks.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=111463&navid=DL|SJS|home Select the “Other” choice among the candidates and write in: 2 Unlimited – Get Ready for This.

This is the perfect song for the Sharks. Let’s make it happen. Agree or not,

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A Finatic since day one, Erik is the Lead Editor, Graphic Designer, and Social Media Director for Pucknology. He is also host, of the only tweet-in Sharks postgame show, Pucknology After Dark. "Puckguy" is the creator of the hashtag #SharksFam and the #SharksTweetup, a special meetup prior to a Sharks home game, once a year, of many Sharks fans who converse together through Twitter. He has also been recognized by the Sharks organization as their Honorary Team Captain in 1993-94, along with the team's "7th Man" in 2003-04, as well as a finalist for the NHL's "7th Man" in 2004.

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