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Pucknology After Dark Wants to Hear From YOU!

In response to many requests, we are attempting to give a bigger voice to the fans. Our goal is to be a fan driven show and a part of our ambition since the beginning was to take listener calls. This will be our first attempt, after which we will evaluate how it went and make adjustments as we see necessary.

We will be dedicating 20 minutes partway through the show to take listener calls.


1. Follow @pucknology on twitter and tweet a request with the hashtag ‪#‎PADCallIn‬

2. We will DM you a link, be aware that we may get a lot of requests and miss a few. We will do our best to get to everyone. We will go in order tweeted, we will stop sending links when we think we won’t have time to get to your call.

3. Follow the link and join muted. Do not un-mute until we call on you.

4. Please have your thoughts ready to go when we get to you. Please limit it to 1-2 points you’d like to make. We will be giving 1-2 minutes per person to allow us to get through multiple people in a reasonable amount of time.

5. We’ll give you time to make your point, but if we’re going to move on to the next caller/segment the host will thank you and give you a couple seconds to sign off.

Ground rules:

1. If you are not on, stay muted. We will only ask once, so please be aware of this.

2. Wait your turn and understand that there are others who want to join in too. We will do our best to give you a chance to get your say.

3. Absolutely no personal attacks on Sharks players, front office, media or other fans. You may express dislike, but stay civil and don’t say anything you would not say to that person’s face.

4. Mind your language. Some cursing is fine, but keep it reasonable. Absolutely no racial, homophobic, sexist or hateful rhetoric.

Breaking any of these rules will likely result in ejection from the call. Breaking rules 3 or 4 may result in a lifetime ban.

We will do our best, please be patient and understand that this is our first time trying this and things might not go the way we want. Please do not take it personally if we don’t get to you or if we have to remove you from the call.

About Ian Reid

Ian is the Director of Content for Pucknology. He is a lifelong Sharks fan based in Canada. In three short years Ian has come a long way starting from his own blogspot and going on to write for RSENReport.com, Last Word on Hockey before settling in at Pucknology. You can also find Ian's work as a contributor at FearTheFin.com. On the podcast side of things he was a co-host of the now defunct Teal Tinted Glasses podcast as well as a regular on Pucknology After Dark and host of the Pucknology Writers Room.

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