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Sharks – Predators The Finale To An Epic Series

Whether you’ve been with the San Jose Sharks this season, all the way back to 1991 or anywhere between, our team needs us. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old school hoodie, a Next Wave jersey, or a playoff giveaway shirt, when one of those famous Sharks logos is on your body; you stand with our guys in Deep Pacific Teal. We want them to win, obviously. We want them to do their job and be dominating in every fiber of this game.

We need to do our job too. We need to stand united in teal. If you one of the lucky ones going to the game, we need you to be as loud as possible. Not just for the Sharks, but for every Sharks fan that is outside the Shark Tank who wish they could be there. You shout for everyone. Game 5 we did very well, but we can always be better. Just like Team Teal needs to today, we take our game to the next level.

We aren’t ready to go home. We aren’t ready to see the last game. We aren’t going to take any opponent seriously.

We are going to shoot, hit, block, skate, stop, accelerate. Whatever it takes. A team comes together for a common goal. A team can’t be made of just common people if we are to peruse what we want. We must have a vision, of being a champion. It will take every fiber of our bodies to be a champion. That vision in mind, we come together, and do what we need to do. Could that mean Joe Thornton shooting the puck? Yes. That means Brent Burns makes a great defensive spot? Yes. Does that mean to have Roman Polak fire in a goal? Yes. Can it mean all out centermen dominate in the faceoff circle? Yes. Will it require a precise execution on the power play? Yes. Will it mean to have Martin Jones stand on his head for 60 or more minutes? Yes.

Right now we have not been given anything in these playoffs. Nor should we demand to be given anything. No, we must earn it. So right now, we are not guaranteed a fourth trip to the Western Conference Final. Right now we aren’t promised another home game with 17,562 fans going nuts. We gotta earn that. That’s a part of the journey that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Tonight at 6pm, we get loud. Tonight at 6pm we skate with them. Tonight at 6pm we wave our rally towels in unison. Tonight at 6pm we outlast our opponent. Tonight at 6pm we will unite in teal. That’s being together for a goal. That’s being a team, and it doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, how you are, or what you do, when you put your Sharks gear on, you represent the team. You represent our team. You represent my team.

I am with the San Jose Sharks, so is everyone at Pucknology, or Fear the Fin or LetsGoSharks.com or Sharkspage or Blades of Teal, or the person sitting at Local 102 watching this game. So is someone in Chicago, who sits in their car listening to Dan Rusanowsky on the phone because you can’t watch. So is a guy in San Diego setting aside a moment from perusing a degree to watch. So is a family in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario usually up until 2am Eastern Time to watch our team. So is the guy who stands the whole game in section 212 doing what he can to get the crowd going. It’s not crazy to wear your teal pants or lucky black and teal socks, or rock a Burnzie beard or rock the same Sharks shirt you have since 1994. Now go out there and high five with everyone in Sharks gear. We are a Teal City Crew.

It is time to get together and unite. Our team needs it for our goal.

4pm we will have Pregaming with Pucknology leading up to CSN’s coverage with Sharks Playoff Central at 5:30. Game 7 will be on NBCSN at 6pm. Following Game 7, join us for likely an extended edition of Pucknology After Dark. The interactive San Jose Sharks postgame show will live to break down this game, hopefully talk about the Western Conference Final, and most importantly, your comments in the YouTube chat, your tweets, and maybe even put you on the air.

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A Finatic since day one, Erik is the Lead Editor, Graphic Designer, and Social Media Director for Pucknology. He is also host, of the only tweet-in Sharks postgame show, Pucknology After Dark. "Puckguy" is the creator of the hashtag #SharksFam and the #SharksTweetup, a special meetup prior to a Sharks home game, once a year, of many Sharks fans who converse together through Twitter. He has also been recognized by the Sharks organization as their Honorary Team Captain in 1993-94, along with the team's "7th Man" in 2003-04, as well as a finalist for the NHL's "7th Man" in 2004.

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  1. I was there loud lost my voice in 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014. None of it helped. The players particularly Thortnton, Marleau, Vlasic, Burns and Jones all have to play their best games of the series. All of them and every other player wearing Pacific Teal must have the desire, the want and the will to play hard for as long as it takes to get the job done. While we the fans can cheer wildly and all we want, it’s those 18 skaters and 2 goalies who will decide the game. Those 20 players must show heart, passion and the desire not to accept anything but victory. If they do that then they will get my voice and my effort. If they don’t they won’t.