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The Pucknology Writers Room Starts Tonight

Tonight Pucknology.net is proud to premiere the Pucknology Writers Room a brand new show on YouTube hosted by Ian Reid.  The show will start at 7 pm Pacific / 10 pm Eastern Time. The first question is obviously what separates this new show from Pucknology After Dark or Teal Tinted Glasses?  The biggest difference from the existing shows is three things.  First, the Writers Room will have new voices as it is the writers turn to step into the limelight and talk.  The second thing is unlike Teal Tinted Glasses or Pucknology after dark we are not going to be previewing or reviewing Sharks games.  That brings us to our third difference and that is we might not even talk about the Sharks at all on certain shows.

Now I know many are like if it isn’t about the Sharks why should I care?  My answer is because it’s still going to be a show about Hockey and while a topic might not be through a teal lens, it should still be interesting to any Hockey fan from Pucknology personalities you like or will come to like.  Aside from the writing staff, we will also be joined on occasion by members of the Pucknology family among other friends.

Tonight’s Panel will be:

Ian Reid – @IReidPucknology – Director of Content for Pucknology.
Aidan Carlsen – @Sharkaiders – Writer for Pucknology.net
Kevin Lacy – @KevinLacy22 – Occasional Pucknology After Dark contributor
Drew Weber – @puck_over_glass – Writer for Pucknology.net

Tonight we allow you to take your mind off the hole the Sharks currently find themselves in as we discuss the following.

  • How much is too much to spend on a goaltender or goaltenders
  • Thoughts on Team USA for the World Cup Of Hockey, the roster, the snubs, and was team North America (under 23) the undoing of this team before it was even picked
  • I will wrap up on the Florida Panthers and their new sweaters.
  • Quick Q&A from google chat.

I hope that you enjoy tonight’s show and help make this new Pucknology venture a success.


About Ian Reid

Ian is the Director of Content for Pucknology. He is a lifelong Sharks fan based in Canada. In three short years Ian has come a long way starting from his own blogspot and going on to write for RSENReport.com, Last Word on Hockey before settling in at Pucknology. You can also find Ian's work as a contributor at FearTheFin.com. On the podcast side of things he was a co-host of the now defunct Teal Tinted Glasses podcast as well as a regular on Pucknology After Dark and host of the Pucknology Writers Room.

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