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Pucknology Writers Room #1 (Replay)

Last night the crew at Pucknology was proud to launch the new Pucknology Writers Room show on YouTube.  If you missed it don’t worry because we have included not only the video in this post but the downloadable audio so you can check it out on the go.  Going into the summer I don’t really want to plan a set schedule but once the World Cup of Hockey approaches I promise this will become a regular show on Pucknology. (Unless everyone hates it and no one watches).  We are really happy with the response so far but would really appreciate any feedback you could give us.  Also if you like what you saw please subscribe to the Pucknology Writers Room challenge on YouTube.

On this show we discussed the following:

  • How much is too much money for a goaltender?
  • The World Cup of Hockey – Team USA Snubs as well as a few other topics
  • The Florida Panthers new sweaters.
  • A Q&A Session.

The panel for the show was made up by the following people

Ian Reid (@IReidPucknology) – Director of Content for Pucknology
Aidan Carlsen (@Sharkaiders) – Pucknology.net Writer
Drew Weber – (@puck_over_glass) – Pucknology.net Writer
Kevin Lacy – (@KevinLacy22) – Pucknology Contributor

With a special guest appearance by:

Erik Kuhre (@Puckguy14) – Pucknology Supreme Overlord, Master and Commander of the Internet

About Ian Reid

Ian is the Director of Content for Pucknology. He is a lifelong Sharks fan based in Canada. In three short years Ian has come a long way starting from his own blogspot and going on to write for RSENReport.com, Last Word on Hockey before settling in at Pucknology. You can also find Ian's work as a contributor at FearTheFin.com. On the podcast side of things he was a co-host of the now defunct Teal Tinted Glasses podcast as well as a regular on Pucknology After Dark and host of the Pucknology Writers Room.

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