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San Jose Sharks – Where To Find Your Media Fix


Long gone are the days of if you missed a San Jose Sharks game, you hoped for some highlights on your local nightly news, perhaps a mention on ESPN, or you waited for the next mornings paper to find out what happened. Today, we have 24/7 sports networks like ESPN, Fox Sports ...

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Logan Couture Injury Creates Questions And Adversity


Today San Jose Sharks forward Logan Couture suffered a leg injury in practice during five on five drills. As of right now we don’t know how bad the injury is or how long it should keep him out of the line up. Based on how he was taken off the ...

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Twenty Five in Teal: The Sweater That Changed Sports


You can always say a logo is your identity.  While that might be the case, in hockey, it also could be the team’s sweater (or jersey pending on your vocabulary preference or locale) that further expands your branding. In the National Hockey League, prior to 1991, only the Los Angeles ...

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